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Is refinancing your mortgage a good decision in the long run?

Refinancing to a lower rate may be beneficial to you, but it's a complicated formula that involves how long you've been paying your mortgage, the terms of your refinance, and what rate of return you would experience for additional monies invested. But don't worry, WeVest does it for you!

See for yourself. Enter your mortgage information below and click calculate for a customized comparison:

Current Mortgage

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Refinanced Mortgage

Refinance Term Length
Refinance Interest Rate
Refinance Closing Cost
Investment Interest Rate

Current Mortgage vs. Refinanced Mortgage (Total Net Benefit)

Is paying off your mortgage quickly better for you in the long run? Not necessarily. Paying your mortgage off early requires additional payments. If you invested those additional payments instead of giving it to the bank, your money can grow to be worth much more then you save by paying it off early.

In your case, more!

Monthly Schedule
Refinance Schedule
Net Benefit
Net Benefit
Monthly payment
Monthly payment
Total Interest
Total Interest
Finish Date
Finish Date
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