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What's the best way to refinance my credit card debt?

There are many different ways to refinance. Three common ones are transferring to a zero interest credit card, using a personal loan to pay off the balance, or a combination of both. We show you which ones might work best for you.

See for yourself. Enter your credit card information below and click calculate for a customized comparison:

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Term Loan Information

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Zero Interest Credit Card

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Credit Card Payments vs. Zero Interest and Term Loan Payments (Total Net Benefit)

Refinancing your credit card is almost always beneficial, it's usually a question of selecting the option with the greatest net benefit.

In your case refinancing with a will result in a maximum Net Benefit of

Credit Card Payments vs. Zero Interest and Term Loan Payments (Trend over time)

Monthly Credit Card
Term Loan
Zero Interest
Zero Interest
& Term Loan
Net Benefit
Maximum Payment
Total Interest
Payoff Date
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